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Easy and hassle-free experience

Embrace clean energy effortlessly with our seamless and stress-free process, making solar adoption a breeze for your home. Everything you need in one place.


Access to the top  solar companies

We take great care to ensure that every solar installers listing their products and solutions on our platform provides great quality and exceptional  services. We have done the due diligence on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry.


Get dedicated Zircle Experts

Get personalised support from our passionate Zircle Experts, guiding you at every step to find the perfect solar energy solution tailored to your needs.


Free doorstep consultations

You can avail a free on-site expert demo with us and our Zircle Expert will assist you in buying solar plant using our platform at your home.


5 year additional warranty

We provide 5 years 360 degree no-questions-asked comprehensive additional warranty that covers repairs and replacements on the whole solar system that you buy from us.


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Zircle Assurance

We ensure all vendors follow strict processes to ensure quality and we independently do a site inspection.

Lifelong support and community benefits

We plan to be there for you in the long-term. We also offer several exciting community benefits.

Easy and in one place

Our platform helps you evaluate all the vendors in a single go. You want to evaluate a vendor you found? We can do that too.

Unbiased Recommendation

We make an independent assessment and recommend the right solar solution with optimum design.


Risk of poor quality

There is no independent quality checks involved. You would have to take the vendor's word for it.

Limited and paid services

Limited support offered for free (usually maximum five years). No additional benefits.

Tedious process

You will have to evaluate multiple vendors one by one, talking and reaching out to them over several days.

Sales-oriented Recommendations

Individual vendors would try to sell the products and designs they have or prefer.

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Investing in grid-connected rooftop solar is better than putting money in the bank
Learn more about how solar energy can power your home while saving you money in our Reading Room
Explore Reading Room
Everything you need to know
about Solar Energy
Learn more about how solar energy can power your home while saving you money in our Reading Room
Explore Reading Room

What do our customers say

Suraj Tyagi

We got the solar system installed from Zircle. The experience was completely hassle free and at no point did we face any issues. The quality of installation was quite good as well and with the quality inspection report that they do, we were assured we were in the right hands. The team is helpful, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Great job!

Suraj Tyagi
Ashok Daga

I had already installed a solar rooftop plant on top of my house but the system wasn’t working and the installer was just not reachable. I reached out to Zircle and they quickly rectified the issue and got solar plant live. Along with that they also helped get me the benefits of Virtual Net metering and now all my electricity bills are zero!

Ashok Daga
Vijay Mittal

All the communication from Zircle was extremely clear and transparent. The plant installation was done well and the generation is great. My electricity bills are coming zero and I am saving money. If any concerns were there, Zircle was always there to listen and attend to it in a timely manner and resolve it. Overall, a good experience!

Vijay Mittal

Frequently  Asked Questions

How does Zircle work?

Zircle is a marketplace for quality-assured solar solutions from top solar companies in your city. Here is your solar journey with Zircle:
- Go to Zircle Marketplace
- Use our interactive filters to identify the right solution for you (Or take this quiz)
- Explore all the Zircle Assured rooftop solar offerings by top solar companies
- Compare and choose based on your preferencesBook your system by paying the 100% refundable booking amount
- Your dedicated Zircle Expert will contact you within the same day to schedule a visit for detailed site assessment and document collection
- Zircle Expert will initiate all applications for permits and subsidies
- System installation and plant commissioning along with Zircle Engineer Inspection
- Lifelong support by Team Zircle

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How solar panels work?

Solar panels generate electricity by converting sunlight into electric power with photovoltaic effect. Solar panels are made from silicon (most commonly) which can generate electricity if sunlight falls on it.

How does grid connected rooftop solar work?

A grid connected rooftop solar system is a solar power system that is synced with the electricity grid. It generates electricity during the day which gets consumed in the building and excess gets exported to the electric grid. At night and during cloudy weather, the building will import electricity from the grid as solar power won’t be sufficient. The import and export of electricity will be measured by a bi-directional meter (called net meter).

Read more in our Reading Room.

What is net metering?

In net metering, a bi-directional meter will measure the import and export of electricity between your solar power plant and the electric grid. At the end of the month, you will only be billed for the net of import and export, i.e. net billed units = Import-export.

For e.g. Assume your solar plant generates 100 units in a month. You consumer 50 units during the day and remaining 50 was exported to the grid. You import around 60 units during evening and nights. End of the month, your bill will only be for 60-50=10 units.